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PreBiotic Dog Food

Prebiotic dog food is a new revolution in the dog food industry. People used to feed their dogs whatever was on sale at the grocery store. Then they wondered why their dog was miserable, had a dull coat, and left stinky messes everywhere! Those days are gone, people are starting to care as much about their dogs health as their own, and that is why it is important to educate yourself on what your dog is eating and the effect it will have on your dog and his/her health.

What are PreBiotics?

Prebiotics are non-digestible foods that are healthy for our (and our dogs) digestive system. When Prebiotics enter the digestive system they contribute to the growth of good bacteria. In a nutshell prebiotics keep beneficial bacteria healthy, and allow them to flourish.

You can see why prebiotic dog food is beneficial to your dogs health. Without prebiotics your dogs digestive tract could be lacking the healthy bacteria that aids in the digestion of food. This means that your dog could be excreting a lot more food then he should be, which is costing you money!

Prebiotic dog food will help your dogs digestive track get back to normal. This will not only make your dog happy, but it should also make you happy! That means your dog is healthier and happier, he consumes less dog food, and he doesn't leave big stinky messes for you to clean up. You can thank me and this article later :D




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