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How to Train a Puppy to Pee Outside

This article is designed to give you just the facts, no fluff. This is dog training simplified

Start Small - Don't give the puppy free reign of the whole house. Dogs do not like to pee where they live, if he has access to two rooms he will play in one and pee in the other one.

Watch your puppy - Puppies generally give signs when they have to go to the washroom. If the puppy starts sniffing around, whimpering, is sitting for a while and then suddenly gets up, or leaves the area where they like to play - The puppy may have to go. Take the dog outside or to their litter box.

Timing - Timing is important. Take your puppy outside first thing in the morning and after long naps. Puppies will generally have to pee shortly after drinking and eating, take the puppy outside a few minutes after meals.

Discipline and Praise - When your puppy pees outside, praise it, give it treats let it know it did a good job. When it goes pee inside let it know your not happy. Make sure the puppy know's why it's in trouble, take it to the puddle of pee and let him know in a stern voice that he did something bad.

Consistency - Be consistent! If you are not consistent with your training it will take a lot longer to get the message through to your puppy. Also it is a good idea to take the dog to the same spot to pee each time. This way they know what they have to do when they are there.

Using a Leash - It is not a bad idea to use a leash when you take the puppy outside. This way he wont just go outside and get distracted and forget to pee. When you take the puppy outside to pee, keep it on the leash until it goes pee.

During this process your puppy will surely make mistakes, so it is a good idea to know How to Clean Dog Pee From Carpets

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