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How to Switch Dog to Different Dog Food?

Is your dog having bowel problems? Are your dogs bowel movements to large, smell to much, or not solid? Want your dog to have a shinier coat and more energy? It may be a food time to switch dog foods. Below is a simple guide on switching your dog to a new food.


Do not just switch your dog over all of a sudden, this can cause diarrhea and many more problems that you do not want

Mix foods

The best way to switch foods is to mix one with the other over the period of a week or two. Here's a good regimen to follow when switching dog food

  1. 75% old dog food 25% new dog food
  2. 50% old dog food 50% new dog food
  3. 25% old dog food 75% new dog food


If you notice any problems with your dog while switching food then wait a while before increasing the mix ratio. If there are major problems see a vet, sometimes a diet of cooked chicken and rice will help clear up any intestinal issues.

Good luck! If you are looking for a great way to improve your dogs nutrition then you can try Dog vitamins


Questions this article answers:

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